Meet the Team

Michal Mládek

CFO - Logistics

Responsible for ordering sneakers :)

Igor Plávka

CEO - Online marketing

Depended on PPC, Adwords, online marketing. He's responsible for the annoying remarketing you see all the time. :)

Pavol Goliáš

Shop Manager

The soul of the store. The first one will be addressed to you in the shop. Don't be afraid to ask, he will be happy to help you.

Robert Illeš

Graphic designer

Graphic-head designer in Shooos. From product design to banners. He also participate on our Shooos sustainable collection of T-shirts from organic cotton.

Roman Szimeth

Shop Designer

Still laughing. He will be happy to help you with your selection.

Hanka Košanová

Social Marketing & Phorography

She takes care of you on social networks and, in addition she is to taking very cool photos.