Pallaidum Boots - best features of nice shoes.

Here are some of the features of Pallaidum Boots, which are worthwhile considering when you are going to invest in this shoe. In our opinion, they are much more comfortable than other brands and therefore we have decided to sell them ourselves. They are functional and look good. Offer at Shooos: Palladium Boots

Shoes are lightweight. They are durable, the toe is reinforced, yet you will be surprised by the ease when you touch them.

Rubber sole. The sole is 100% vulcanized, which makes it more durable than others. An interesting fact is that until recently the sole was made at the Novesta who are the experts and have more experience with rubber products (boots and so on).

The shoe has a bendable top, if that is what you need. You can style it in a variety of different ways. The tops can be worn down as you can see in the pictures. Or in winter, if you need, you can wear them pulled up. Further, they can be laced up all the way or casually loosened with the tongue outside. You can appreciate the variability and versatility of this shoe based on weather or your style preference.

They protect your fingers. The rubber sole in the front of the shoe continues smoothly and gently covers your fingers. So if you trip too, the rubber on the spike will break the impact further and your fingers will be protected. Again, this is a typical and functional experience of the French Legion. Palladium Boots are suitable for discovering hidden secrets of lost suburban zones and factories. The perfect urban shoe like it should be.

They fit well. Despite the military appearance, Palladium is not a bulky shoe. Your feet will be comfortable since the leather adjusts to the shape of the foot and the lacing tightly wraps the entire ankle sole in all its parts.

Quality insoles and arch support. The overall impression of Palladium footwear is improved by the quality anatomical insole that keeps your leg firm. You have better contact with the surface on which you are moving and your spine and joints are less stressed.